• If you're working with the REST broker in K2, you'll want to use these resources to get familiar with how K2 integrates with REST-based services.
    Published: 9/29/2016
  • We are excited to announce the new K2 4.7 releases are available. This release builds on the prior set of releases and contains new features and fixes to K2 components.
    Published: 9/22/2016
  • Now available from your account profile on k2.com, you can update your email preferences so that you can receive the communications from K2 you need.
    Published: 6/6/2016
  • This technical bulletin will detail the support policy to be implemented this year for both the K2 4.6.x series of releases and future versions.
    Published: 6/6/2016
  • SAP is ending support for the classic RFC library (librfc32.dll) on March 31, 2016. This RFC library is used by K2 Connect for SAP to integrate with SAP BAPIs. We have an update for K2 connect now available for download, which replaces the classic RFC integration with the new NetWeaver RFC library. We have also added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10 with this release.
    Published: 3/15/2016
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