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Explaining the differences between an K2 Reconfiguration and K2 Repair and pit falls to avoid make the wrong choices.

Before You Begin

An important warning to keep in mind is that a K2 Repair will overwrite any cold fixes – at least DLLs you put into a K2 folder/GAC with the original versions, but the Database side of changes introduced with cold fixes won’t be reverted.

So, keep in mind that a backup copy of the code fix applied needs to be made.

How-to Steps

K2 configuration is basically changing the settings in the DB and the config files.

K2 Repair is different as it is also supposed to do a fresh copy of the binaries. 

This is in the event, something corrupted the K2 files, i.e. hard disk failure.

If a dll is in use and you have corrected the issue causing it, you could try a repair to see if you can get the dll to be updated again.

K2 Repair doesn’t work for a failed Database upgrade.  Failed DB upgrades need to roll back to do good snapshots. Then fix the issue causing the failure and try again.  So, server snapshots and Database backups are very important for upgrades.