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Update K2 4.5 (4.10060.1.1230)

This article has been archived, and/or refers to legacy products, components or features. The content in this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. Archived content is provided for reference purposes only. This content does not infer that the product, component or feature is supported, or that the product, component or feature will continue to function as described herein.


KB001230 updates all K2 blackpearl 4.5 and K2 blackpoint 4.5 installations with the latest product hotfixes, as detailed below. The installer will update K2 4.5 32-bit and 64-bit installations.

Update Options

  • For customers who already have K2 blackpearl 4.5 or K2 blackpoint 4.5 installed, download and install this update.
  • For customers who will be creating a new installation of K2 blackpearl 4.5 or K2 blackpoint 4.5, download the full K2 4.5 with KB001230 installer from portal.k2.com.

Issues Resolved

The following issues have been fixed and are contained within this update:

KB001152 - Hotfix : K2 SharePoint Workflow Integration for K2 4.5 Update KB001230
KB001181 - Hotfix: A timeout error occurs when a large number of Active Directory Users (in a group) are assigned process rights.
KB001186 - Hotfix: InfoPath 2010 XML fields at design time are removed when adding a Persons and Groups control (People Picker) to the form.
KB001187 - Hotfix: Adding destinations through code causes a remoting exception.
KB001188 - Hotfix : Design changes to K2 Runtime Services for K2 4.5 Update KB001230. Important: Read the KB article for backward compatibility details.

This update includes the hotfixes included in previous K2 4.5 Updates, so there is no need to install the updates listed below as well. The following links are provided for reference to view the enhancements and resolved issues contained within the previous updates:

KB001040 - Update K2 4.5 (4.10060.1.1040)
KB001070 - Update K2 4.5 (4.10060.1.1070)
KB001090 - Update K2 4.5 (4.10060.1.1090)
KB001110 - Update K2 4.5 (4.10060.1.1110)
KB001140 - Update K2 4.5 (4.10060.1.1140)
KB001170 - Update K2 4.5 (4.10060.1.1170)
KB001200 - Update K2 4.5 (4.10060.1.1200)

New Features

KB001230 contains new K2 Features. For more information download the PDF from the downloads available from the right hand menu bar.

Known Issues

  1. K2 SharePoint SQL SmartObjects: It is not recommended that spaces are used in the database table or column names. If spaces are used those entities will not be created as SmartObjects.  Spaces will also cause errors when renaming the tables and columns.
  2. When using the Exchange Meeting SmartObject Get Meeting Suggestions method as a field part in a K2 Designer for Visual Studio or K2 Studio project an error stating “Invalid column name &apos;OnBehalfOf&apos;.; ServiceName: Exchange Service; ServiceGuid…”occurs at runtime. This method can only be used in a SmartObject Event or within a Microsoft InfoPath form or through the K2 API.
  3. With KB001230 a new version of View Flow has been included. This Silverlight version will function on all newly created and deployed KB001230 processes, for old processes (pre - KB001230) the following will apply.
    • Pre KB001230 processes that are running and are not changed or redeployed after upgrade, will continue to use the old version of View Flow.
    • Pre KB001230 processes that are opened in a K2 Designer and saved or redeployed after upgrade will make use of the new  version of View Flow.
    • Pre KB001230 processes that are redeployed without opening the process in a K2 Designer will use the new version of View Flow. The new View Flow’s layout of these processes will be influenced and K2 will assume the shortest path for the lines and will draw them accordingly. This may result in certain lines appearing behind an activity and an arrow appearing in the top corner of the activity.
    Workaround: For all pre KB001230 processes to function on the new version of View Flow and for the lines to be mirror the actual process, open the process in a K2 Designer and redeploy the process.
  4. An error stating “Unable to cast object of type…”  occurs when attempting to select the Add Constructor drop down on the Event Method Editor screen of an existing  reference that has been configured in the Reference Event wizard.  The same error occurs when attempting to add more than one Code Reference Event to the K2 project.
  5. When a synchronous IPC child process containing only Server Events and no Client Events is selected for viewing in View Flow the following occurs:
    In the thick client the sub process remains in a state of “Loading”.
    In thin client the link on the Activity Summary (Call Sub Process) screen remains disabled.
  6. After installing K2 4.5 with Update KB001230 in a SharePoint 2010 environment and a user starts a SharePoint designed process with the runtime participants option selected an error occurs on the Start page stating "Object required" when the Start button is clicked.
    Select the address book icon next to the Participants field, search for the required destination users and select the user.
  7. In a SharePoint 2010 environment when a new web application is created after upgrading to K2 4.5 Update KB001230 and the initially created Site Collection is not a new K2 Process Portal the Process Schedules link might not appear in any K2 Process Portals sites created there after.
  8. Workaround: Deploy the K2 Process Portal solution to the new web application. Activate all components (Central Administration > K2 for SharePoint > General > Activate All K2 Features and K2 Configuration Settings). On all existing Process Portals where the link does not appear, it will have to be manually activated via site features (Site Settings > Site Actions > Manage Site Features > K2 Process Schedules) for the link to appear.
  9. When performing an unattended upgrade from previous K2 4.5 Updates such as KB001100 or KB001170 to KB001230 a message window appears for each msp. However, the installation is not affected by these message windows.







    Workaround: Leave the windows open until the installation is complete and then close all the windows. 


The latest K2 4.5 Update is available as an independent installation package that can be found at the following locations:
For K2 blackpearl 4.5 https://portal.k2.com/downloads/bp/default.aspx
For K2 blackpoint 4.5 https://portal.k2.com/downloads/k2blackpoint/default.aspx.

Installation Prerequisites

The following are prerequisites to K2 4.5 Update (4.10060.1.1230):

  • K2 blackpearl 4.5 (4.10060.1.0)
  • K2 blackpoint 4.5 (4.10060.1.0)

Upgrade Path Scenarios

When upgrading an existing K2 installation, download the Update Path PDF from the right hand menu bar for more information.

Installation Steps

The K2 4.5 Update (4.10060.1.1230) installation package must be installed by running the K2 Update Manager (K2Setup.exe) found within the update package.

Note: This update package should be installed on all machines that have K2 components installed. The Configuration Manager will only be run for the K2 Server, K2 for SharePoint, K2 Workspace and K2 Designer for SharePoint. This update should be installed on machines running K2 blackpearl 4.5 (4.10060.1.0) or K2 blackpoint 4.5 (4.10060.1.0)

To install this package, follow the steps below:

  1. Welcome Screen
    The Welcome Screen introduces the K2 Update Manager. An installation log will be created by default. Click Next to continue.
  2. Version Check
    The Checking for Latest Version Screen presents the K2 4.5 version to be installed and connects to the K2 Portal to determine what the most recent Update version available is.
    Verion Check
  3. Components to Update
    The Components to Update page lists the K2 Components that the update manager will update. Click Update to continue.
  4. K2 Server
    The K2 Server must be stopped for the duration of the patch. If the server is running a warning screen will appear requesting that the K2 server be stopped.
  5. Reset IIS
    The K2 Update Manager will request and perform a reset of IIS.
  6. Ready
    The K2 Update Manager will install the update, and will show the progress of the update via the progress bars on the screen.
  7. Finished
    Once the update has completed installing, the wizard will show you the finished screen. A link to the log file that is created is available on this screen. Click Finish to close the installer.
  8. Configuration Manager
    After the K2 Update Manager finishes, the K2 Configuration Manager will run and must be allowed to complete to fully install and configure the new update.
    Note: If the K2 Configuration Manager does not complete successfully, the update will not be installed properly and your K2 installation will not function correctly.
  9. Post Installation step (optional)
    K2 Services: Microsoft Framework .NET 3.5 does not support multiple bindings in IIS without configuring a single address and setting up a prefix filter as per the following MSDN KB (Refer to section ‘Multiple IIS Binding Support in .NET Framework 3.5’):
    Add the prefix in the web.config file located at:
    [K2 Installation Directory]\WebServices\K2Services\web.config
  10. Post Installation step
    To view the new icons in K2 Designer for SharePoint clear your browser's cache.
  11. Expected behavior
    K2 uses Microsoft Windows Installer technology to install all updates.  When the Windows Installer patch (.msp file) is applied to its associated component it will return a status text of “Repairing” during the update process.  This happens even though an Update and not a Repair is being performed.


Components to Update

K2 4. Update (4.10060.1.1230) will update and configure the following components:

  • K2 Server
  • (K2 for SharePoint 2007)
  • (K2 Designer for SharePoint 2007)
  • K2 for SharePoint 2010
  • K2 Designer for SharePoint 2010
  • K2 Workspace (Runtime Web Services in K2 blackpoint)
  • K2 for Visual Studio (2005/2008/2010)
  • K2 for Visio
  • K2 Databases
  • K2 for Reporting