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K2 for SharePoint 4.6.9 upgrade issue when attempting to connect to the Metadata Endpoint

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While running the K2 for SharePoint Appdeployment.exe, the following issues may occur:

    • Verify Root Authority failed
    • Verify Security Token Issuer failed

The issue is caused when the connection to the Metadata Endpoint on the K2 Server is blocked by Firewall settings. This blocks the ability of the security token issuer to register correctly on the K2 Server.


To resolve the issue, follow the steps below:


  1. Open port 6332 on the K2 Server or firewalls between the SharePoint Server and the K2 Server, or alternatively temporarily disable any firewalls between the two servers.
  2. Verify that the test json is reachable on the K2 Server from the SharePoint machine, by browsing to the  following URL from the SharePoint machine (adjust the K2ServerName value for your K2 environment as needed):
  3. Use Powershell to run the %InstallDirectory%\K2 for SharePoint 4.6.9 (4.13350.1660.1)\Installation\SetupS2S-grid-80.ps1 script on the SharePoint Server.
  4. Retry the Analyze All option in the AppDeployment.