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IPC processes deployed in a different environment from the environment where they were originally developed, are still trying to use resources from their original environment.

Error Scenario

In K2 blackpearl 0807, when an IPC process is developed in one environment and then later deployed to another environment (this is relevant to processes deployed from test to production environments) ; once active in the new environment the IPC process was attempting to locate the K2 Server from the previous environment.

The K2 log file can be used for debugging information. If this has taken place with your IPC processes then a message similar to the example shown below may be found:

"7485629","2008-09-30 06:44:31","Error","General","1","GeneralErrorMessage","K2IPC.SendAsync","1 1 28025 Failed to Start IPC","","","goshawk:d:\program files\k2 blackpearl\Host Server\Bin","7485629","2f30e6e712c74be9b816c8a0a70af853","" "7485630","2008-09-30 06:44:31","Debug","General","28042","IPCFailedToStart","K2IPC.HandleIPCError","28042 IPC Failed to Start: 1 28025 Failed to Start IPC","anonymous","","goshawk:d:\program files\k2 blackpearl\Host Server\Bin","7485630","f1ff863c94b545a7a1db8210fc67895b",""

As a result of this error, no Child Processes are called.

Note: The IPC wizard must be re-run in order for it to save the Environment Server correctly. The reason for this being is that the existing value would have been saved as a text string, this value needs to be saved as an Environment Field to function correctly in a multi-environment.

Error Resolution

This Hotfix is contained within the latest K2 blackpearl 0807 Update. Install the update package to resolve the error.

The latest K2 blackpearl 0807 Update is available as an independent installation package which can be found here: https://portal.k2.com/downloads/bp/default.aspx.