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KB001449 is a list of high priority issues for K2 blackpearl 4.6 and K2 blackpoint 4.6 that have now been resolved.

Issues Resolved:

K2 Server

  • A threading issue is encountered when a Call is made to the server at a time when there is a high load on the server. This causes the K2 Server to become unresponsive.
  • When a worklist item that has notifications enabled is opened an error occurs on the K2 server stating that the event instance could not be saved to the database.
  • When impersonating a User on a K2 Client Connection, and no Security Label is supplied an incorrect Security Label is used by the K2 Server. This occurs when the K2SQL label is set as the default provider in an environment where mixed providers are present.
  • When a SQLUM user starts a process and the workflow assigns the first client event activity to the process originator, the default K2 security label is used instead of the SQLUM label that started the process and the worklist item will not appear in the user's worklist. This is because the Process / Originator / Name used for setting destinations produces a value of domainname\username; if set using SQLUM the user name does not have a domain and is therefore replaced with the default label instead of the label associated with SQLUM.
  • Using the SQL Server Service, when an Insert Stored Procedure with a set identity statement is being executed, the output parameter is being set as the input required parameter.
  • In process rights it is possible to add SharePoint Groups which have a length of 255 characters, but when saving group, the name is shortened by the K2 Server as it only allows 128 characters for the name.
  • Various Issues occur when saving a role that's name is between 129 and 254 characters. The UI states that 255 characters are allowed when 128 are the true limit.
  • Identity Service Errors found in the log a new constraint needs to be added to the Identity table.
  • A new temp file gets created when an event that calls the WCF service is first called after the App Domain for the process has been loaded, this temp files is never deleted.
  • Timeouts occur when deleting List Items from a process field.
  • In the K2 Server Log Entries it is not possible to differentiate if the time is AM or PM.
  • When updating the AD Accounts Management Service using the Service Broker the following error is received: "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. /nCould not load file or assembly..."

K2 Designers and Wizards

  • An error stating "Message: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. The term 'Disable-Mailbox' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.; ServiceName: Exchange Administration; ServiceGuid: 55627c31-e7f0-41f7-8ef6-d916f8284e68; InnerExceptionMessage:..." is received at runtime when Disable or Enable Mailbox of the Exchange Event executes and the HostServer user does not have Recipient Management rights.
  • In the K2 Designer for SharePoint the SmartObject Wizard requires Boolean values (yes/no) and the toggle button validation for the required fields fails.
  • An object Reference error occurs when a workflow form template is selected in the InfoPath Integration Wizard.
  • When creating a folder in a sub-folder using the SharePoint Document Event an incorrect URL is returned and the Folder is not created in the sub-folder but on the base of the Library itself.
  • When creating a process in the thick client and selecting the custom checkbox in the notification designer, the field part displays correctly as [Participant Name], however, when editing the notification the field part display name changes to [ActivityInstanceDestUserDisplayName] which is incorrect as it should show [Participant Name].
  • The SharePoint Document Event wizard automatically URL encodes a SharePoint column resulting in a Query String error.
  • In the K2 Designer for SharePoint when using the SharePoint List ID in the subject of a customized e-mail User Task Notification no e-mail will be sent. If the SharePoint List ID is placed in the body the e-mail will be sent correctly.
  • When uploading a document to a SharePoint Document library using the SharePoint Documents Event wizard and metadata is set using an ampersand it is displayed as %26 instead of showing the &. When using the update document metadata and an ampersand is used it is encoded correctly.
  • If a SharePoint column contains an ampersand in the column name and the SharePoint List Item Event is used to insert a value into the column the process completes without a runtime error but the value is not inserted.
  • An error stating "supply a valid numeric value" occurs when trying to assign a literal numeric value to a SharePoint number column in the Document Metadata screen of the SharePoint Document Event and the SharePoint List Item Event.
  • In K2 Designer for SharePoint the Favorite users XML is saved incorrectly where the value node is saved without the domain name
  • The E-mail Event in the K2 Designer for SharePoint displays an error stating "Please enter a valid to e-mail address" when copying part of the address and pasting it in the To field.
  • In K2 Designer for SharePoint when the process name is changed and redeployed causes the assigned process rights to disappear. Similarly if the user does not click through the entire process Settings wizard and the process rights settings is skipped the SharePoint Groups that have been assigned rights get ignored and only the administrator still has process rights on the process.
  • After upgrading to K2 4.5 with Update KB001390 the SharePoint User Management wizard throw the following error for List Items: "Server was unable to process request-->Could not bind to the ListItem. Please make sure that the ListItem exits on the server."
  • When creating a new folder using the Create Document Set wizard in K2 Designer for SharePoint the K2 Object Browser items listed only work with  the "Document Set Name" and "Description" fields and not all the fields specified.
  • When using the SharePoint Workflow Integration Client Event with multiple users and slots and actioning a task before all tasks are assigned to all destinations causes the task assignment to fail while the worklist items are still created for each user. However when opening these worklist items to action them, the SharePoint Process tasks page is displayed but there is no task to action.
  • In K2 Studio with chained InfoPath integration wizards the InfoPath Template and View drop-down controls are not pre-populated as expected.
  • In K2 Studio the splash screen takes long to render when K2 Studio is first opened.
  • In SharePoint when using a Circulations List Type the SharePoint Metadata in the K2 SharePoint Wizards does not display a validation error when leaving the "Title" Column (required) field blank.
  • In the SharePoint List Items Event wizard when using the Process XML node to update the value of a SharePoint column of type "Enhanced Rich Text" the column is updated in the incorrect format.
  • In a process with a client event where notifications are selected to be sent and SmartActions are disabled and an instance of the process is started, an error is thrown on the server stating that it was unable to save the event instance to the Database.
  • In K2 Designer for SharePoint the File Name field in the Create Document Wizard does not have a mandatory field indicator. This field is mandatory and requires a value.
  • An error stating "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Windows.Documents.List' to type 'System.Windows.Documents.Paragraph'." occurs when changing font or font size in an E-mail Event wizard when bullets or numbering has been used in the body.
  • When configuring a K2 Designer for SharePoint process in which a  user task uses runtime participants and a new SharePoint item is created to start the process an error occurs if an Active Directory User or SharePoint Group is added as the input for runtime participants.
  • When a group E-mail Event. The error message states "The parameter 'addresses' cannot be an empty string. Parameter name: addresses".
  • When using environment fields which contain names with special characters in the workflow integration deployment task will fail with an error stating "Task Error: System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid..."
  • In K2 Designer for SharePoint when cancelling out of a Match Multiple Value regular expression an Object reference error occurs.
  • In K2 Designer for SharePoint when SmartObjects are used in the outcomes an error occurs on deployment stating "System.Exception: System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null."
  • An Object Reference error occurs when clicking on the customize notification checkbox in the Default Client Event Wizard in K2 Designer for Visual Studio.
  • In K2 Studio or K2 Designer for Visual Studio a user is unable to add or drag the Activity Instance Destination.DisplayName from the Context Browser into a field or e-mail body.
  • When a whitespace is added to the name of an activity in a K2 Designer for SharePoint process, and the destination is a runtime participant, the Start Workflow screen gives an ’Object Required’ error when trying to start the process.
  • A user is unable to set the value of a SharePoint column of type "Currency" and "Number" when assigning a numeric value in the SharePoint Metadata screens of the SharePoint wizards.
  • When creating a redirect escalation in K2 Designer for SharePoint the Data Fields tree in the context browser is not available when assigning users to which the task must be redirected.
  • When using a SharePoint column of type "Managed Metadata" in the SharePoint Metadata of the SharePoint wizards returns an error at runtime stating "Server was unable to process request. ---> One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields. ---> One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields."
  • An error stating "Value does not fall within the expected range" displays when creating a SharePoint integrated workflow based on a content type.
  • In K2 Studio if a line is drawn back into the same activity an error occurs when the process is deployed. The error message states" The line 'Line Name' needs to be connected to an activity."
  • While configuring a the Set Data Fields screen in K2 Designer for SharePoint the user is unable to browse for data fields as there is no data field tree available.
  • A "K2 Studio has encountered an application failure and will now close. Please review the exception details below for further information: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object..." error occurs when a SharePoint Records Management Wizard advanced mode check box is selected after it has already been configured.  
  • Deleting document libraries with large library items using the SharePoint Documents Event wizard causes time outs.
  • Unable to use XHTML (Rich Text) InfoPath fields in the K2 Designer for SharePoint.
  • When including a back-slash (\) in your search criteria in the User Browser of the K2 Designer for SharePoint on a Claims site the incorrect results are returned.

SharePoint Integration and InfoPath Integration

  • Unable to configure the Exchange Calendar SmartObjects in SharePoint as the fields that need configuration are not displayed.
  • When using a SharePoint people and groups column in a workflow and multiple users are selected when the instance is started only the first user is assigned a task.
  • On a non- English system such as Spanish a K2 process containing a client event will complete however in SharePoint it displays the process as "In Process" on the workflow status column and never actually completes.
  • If users are added to the Members group in SharePoint, the users are unable to access their worklist in Process Portal and an error stating" Web Part Error: A Web Part or Web Form Control on this Page cannot be displayed or imported. You don't have Add and Customize Pages permissions required to perform this action." is displayed.
  • An error occurs stating "Value does not fall in expected range" when the K2 server is not added in the site collection admin.
  • The SharePoint Configuration Deployment page lists all the SharePoint servers in the farm, even though the web application service is not running on that particular server. The server is listed as "SPServer: Waiting" however, it should not be listed.
  •  When opening a worklist item on the K2 web part in Safari, Firefox or Chrome, the browser returns a 404 error.
  • An Object Reference error occurs when the InfoPath thin client needs contribute permissions on the library to open a worklist item. The error message needs to be improved.
  • In SharePoint Central Administration When activating K2 Features on a wildcard site collection not all the K2 Features get added.
  • In SharePoint when the K2 Site Settings on a main site is clicked and the Set Restricted Wizards link is selected an object reference error occurs.
  • A SharePoint integrated process status remains in "In Progress" state if the checkbox for the process finish rule is unchecked and then rechecked as the finish rule becomes the default finish rule which is empty instead of the SharePoint Workflow Integration finish rule.
  • In K2 Designer for SharePoint When outcome actions are manually typed in with the "Automatically generate outcomes(s)" checkbox checked and the wizard is closed. Reopen the wizard and delete some of the actions, when clicking Next the deleted actions will still appear or will be duplicated in the outcome list.
  • With InfoPath Integration when converting the “CanISubmit” web method to UDCX results in the user not being able to redesign the form.
  • Spelling error on the activating all k2 features page "Update settings for all sub webs” should read "Update settings for all sub sites".
  • After adding a button to an InfoPath form and setting it to "Submit", if the user then chooses "Submit Options" from the button’s properties window and clicks Apply or Save regardless if any changes were made, when saving and exiting the InfoPath form the refresh throws an exception message that states "The InfoPath form template cannot integrate with the process if the submit option has been configured to use code".
  • In SharePoint 2010 when starting a K2 Designer for SharePoint Workflow manually the user is able to open the item to view the Workflow Information as well as action the item from this page. When editing the task and actioning the task the incorrect pop up window is displayed.

K2 Workspace and Process Portals

  • In management console->workflow server->users->Process rights and you search for a user, view the details and add or remove some process rights and click save, the process rights are saved, but an error occurs in the server console stating that the enumeration operation may not execute.
  • When accessing the Interval Graph web part in process Portals when refreshing Process Portals and the focus is not on the Interval Graph no data is returned.
  • When upgrading to K2 4.5 with KB001390 there was a change in behavior in Process Portals whereby all user names are displayed as K2FQN now rather than by DisplayName as previously.
  • When a Dynamic Role is created in K2 Workspace when further users are added to the role there is no task item created for the new user for the new instance until the worklist is refreshed.
  • The SQL Server Service AutoGUID property requires a value which is incorrect as it is an AUTOGUID type which should be automatically populated with a value.
  • In Management Console under Workflow Server>Users>Process Rights when searching for a single user and assigning rights for multiple processes at a time results in an error.
  • Clicking on the Worklist View Flow as a user with no View rights opens the old non -Silverlight View Flow with a message saying that the user does not have View rights and requests that View Flow should be installed.
  • Poor Performance experienced in Process Portals.
  • In Process Portal under Instance Management > All Instances text stating "ToDate" displays incorrectly at the top of the page.
  • In Process Portals Instance Management only "All" instances can be seen selecting any other instance will result in display the 'All' page.
  • Creating a custom report in K2 Workspace that Uses SharePoint List SmartObjects that have associations will display an error if the report is re-run after making changes on one of the lists.
  • If an Exception occurs in a K2 process and the Exception contains XML, K2 Workspace does not display the actual XML and the XML can cause the entire Error Log area of Workspace not to display anything further.
  • In Process Portals a "File not found" error occurs under Process Connections when a user opens the Settings page for the Web Parts.
  • Authentication errors occur in the K2 Object Browser and Workspace when using SQLUM.
  • In Process Portal reports the Calendar control icon does not display when selecting different date range options from the drop-down list on the reports configuration page.
  • Unable to use an apostrophe in the folio when starting an instance from Management Console in Workspace. A warning stating "Special characters are not allowed" is displayed. However, this is possible when starting an instance from Instance Management in Process Portals.

K2 SmartObjects

  • When executing the create method of the Active Directory User SmartObject the user is created in the root of the domain and not in the default Organizational Unit value specified in the Account Management Service instance.
  • Unable to change a password in Active Directory Services, Account Management Service or Active Directory Event. No error is displayed the password remains unchanged.
  • An "Object reference not set to an instant of an object" error occurs when adding a Reference in the SmartObject Method Reference Wizard located in the K2 Object Browser.
  • In the SQL Server Service when a SmartObject is used to call a stored procedure from the database to perform an Insert or Update into the database the SmartObject requires the user to input all the parameters even though not all parameters are mandatory.

Inline Functions

  • An error stating "An exception occurred. Exception: Procedure or Function 'SettingExists' expects parameter 'XXX'; which was not supplied." could occur when saving an inline function.

 K2 Installation and configuration

  • After upgrading K2 to KB001420 the system is unable to send out notification e-mails from K2 when the K2 SmartActions panel in the Setup Manager is not configured.
  • When SmartActions is not enabled during installation and the service account is added as a destination user when the notification is sent to the service account an error occurs stating "Permanent failure sending message Workflow item received: System.Exception: No destinations could send the message Workflow item received."
  • After performing a reconfigure or repair using the K2 Setup Manager the K2 Object Browser is no longer connect to the server.
  • When a reconfigure or repair is run using the K2 blackpearl Setup Manager Workspace fails with an error stating "An error has occurred.

Please contact your administrator.


Initialization failed before PreInit: Error:

Please verify that all necessary scripts were run and review the error logs

Possible causes

- using anonymous logon in IIS while Windows security is specified in Workspace configuration.

- current logged on user can not be verified against the Active Directory Membership provider.

- please review log files for more information."

  • In the Configuration Analysis Tool the Cross-Domain Data Connection check fails.


  • When using the Workflow Management API the WorkflowManagementServer.GetErrorLogs(id) method fails for any error profile that is filtered by a specific process. The error message states "Invalid column name ’ExecutingProcId’." 
  • When upgrading to K2 4.5 with Update KB001420 and code is written to perform the automated deployment of processes to a Process Portal site, using the ProcessPortalFactory class in SourceCode.SharePoint.ProcessPortal namespace the code fails with an error stating "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". This used to work in earlier versions of K2.
  • Multiple issues experienced with K2 workflow ASMX service that shipped in K2 4.5 with update KB001230. Some of the issues were:

-       The ExecuteActionBySerial method did not provide any ability to save process and/or activity data.

-       The UpdateProcessInstance method creates a New proc inst rather than saving back to the original instance.

-       DataFields could not be accessed by Name in the data field collection.

  • The ExecuteActionBySerial method will fail with an error if the checkbox for 'Make the action available without opening the work item' is left unchecked in a client Event.
  • Workflow Management API GetActivityDataFields and GetActivityXmlFields return Data Fields that do not have the correct ActID.