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The following issues are currently known for K2 smartforms 1.0.7 and include workarounds where possible.


  • When a control is added to the 'aggregation footer' of a List View and configured to be hidden, the control is not hidden at runtime.
    Make the width of the control 0.
  • Setting the Tab Index to None on the Radio Button Group or Radio Button List control is ignored at runtime in Internet Explorer 8 and 9. Furthermore, when a subview or popup window is opened it is possible to tab to the Radio Button Controls behind the subview or popup in Internet Explorer 8 or 9 even if the tab Index property has been set to None.
    Set up a rule so that when a subview or popup is opened, the Radio Buttons in the View behind the popup are disabled. When the subview or popup is closed the Radio buttons should be enabled again.
  • The available controls displayed in the Change Control window are inconsistent, resulting in some controls not displaying when they are expected to. 
    Delete the control and add the correct control type from the toolbox instead.
  • The serializeResources and useWebkit SmartObject Service Instance settings have been added to the PDF Converter SmartObject Service. These settings are turned off by default preserving the previous behavior. To understand how to use this new functionality and to enable error logging see KB001626. The following known issues occur only when the useWebkit setting is turned on and when using the following SmartObject Service Methods “Create PDF From URL” and “Create PDF From HTML or URL” (when passing in a URL and not HTML). Note that none of these issues affect the Save As PDF control.
    • Impersonation issue: The PDF creation will be attempted twice. The first attempt using impersonation will fail with an unsurfaced error message. The second attempt will succeed.
      Set the service instance authentication mode to “Service Account”.
    • PDF creation issue: The PDF creation will periodically fail with an Unknown WebKit error message. This is as a result of the engine not handling Claims based authentication correctly.
      This is resolved by duplicating the runtime site folder, creating a new web application in IIS and setting the authentication of the site to use Windows authentication and not Forms authentication.
    • Blank PDF issue: Directly after performing an IIS reset, the generated PDF may appear blank. This is as a result of the engine not handling Claims based authentication correctly.
      This issue is resolved by duplicating the runtime site folder, creating a new web application in IIS and setting the authentication of the site to use Windows authentication and not Forms authentication. In addition a conversion delay of a few seconds should be set or the site should be warmed up before creating PDF’s after an IIS reset.


  • When removing a parameter referenced in a rule, upon editing the rule the specific parameter is displayed as "Unresolved".
    Remove the unresolved parameter reference.
  • It is possible to delete the validation patterns that are available by default in K2 smartforms. If the pattern is deleted an error occurs after upgrading to the newer version of the software as the installer is unable to find the validation pattern.
    If you have deleted a default validation pattern run the configuration option available in the K2 smartforms Setup Manager to restore the patterns.
  • If any sizing changes were made to a SharePoint 2013 theme, after upgrading it could affect absolute (pixel-based widths) sized controls. For example, the controls that previously rendered next to one another move to the next row. This issue was caused by padding that was added to the SharePoint 2013 theme to fix issues with alignment.
    The Forms using a SharePoint 2013 theme must be checked after upgrade and any style changes will need to be manually corrected.
  • When clearing the Styles property field with the backspace or delete key and selecting Yes on the confirmation message box, produces a JavaScript Error.
    Open the Style Builder and click on Reset.


  • When deleting the View Initialize rule from a View, after editing the properties of a control on the View, the rule gets added again.
    Remove the Initialize rule after all control properties have been changed.
  • No multi-language support in K2 smartforms. 
    A multi – language control is available on Market in K2 Community that can be used with SmartForms.

Rule Designer

  • An error occurs indicating: "Message: Invalid XML (cannot represent object as string)" when editing an ‘Open a worklist item’ Rule action.
    Open the action in a different browser.
  • The SmartObject property mapped to a View parameter doesn't save successfully when both the View and the SmartObject property uses the same name.
    Change the name of the View/Form parameter to be different to the SmartObject property.
  • When the Finish button on the Rules Wizard Configuration is clicked, a disabled View action is enabled on Form level.
    Disable the action/rule on Form level.
  • When opening the same subview multiple times as part of the same action using If conditions, the subview references are duplicated.
    Only open the subview once and use a parameter as a flag to determine which action was used to open the subview.
  • When editing a SmartObject and changing the output mapping, the rule mapping is removed instead of being updated.
    At the time of this version’s release date, there was no known workaround for this issue.


  • When deleting a control that is bound to an expression and then running the Form, an error occurs stating: "Unknown control missing". The Form becomes unusable.
    Remove the unresolved control reference in the Expression Builder.
  • If a Radio Button List control is set as borderless, no validation is done when the rule executes.
    Change the border colour to the same colour as the background so as to create the illusion that the control is borderless.


  • An error occurs stating: "System.Exception: No default Forms server environment field configured" when attempting to deploy a Workflow from the K2 Designer after changing the default environment from Development to Production.
    Ensure the new environment has a default Forms Server specified.
  • When accessing a SmartForm from a site that has a public IP the forms are not properly styled, returning 500 errors on the CombinedResources.ashx.
    Disable the CombinedResources in the web config file.
    <add key="Forms.CombinedResources.Cache.Enabled" value="false" />
    Note that making this change will have a performance impact. Contact your Regional Support to obtain a patch containing the fix for this issue.
  • When a SmartForms design and runtime site are configured to use FormsSTS with multiple security labels, the user login will require a prefix label identity on the login screen, for example K2FORMS:Bob. To log in without having to provide the prefix label, for example Bob, follow the steps in the workaround.
    1. Navigate to FormsSTS web.config C:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl\WebServices\Identity\Sts\Forms
    2. Add the K2 label to the attribute value:
      <add key="ExcludedSecurityLabels" value="SP;K2" />

Special Characters

There are some instances where special characters are not supported in the SmartForms Designers, for example:

  1. View Parameters
  2. Rules Designers where parameters have special characters
  3. An apostrophe (') in the watermark property of controls
  4. An apostrophe (') in the description of a SmartObject property


Certain behavior relating to dependencies between SmartObjects, Views, Forms, subviews and subforms will cause Forms and Views not to function as expected. There are a few issues with SmartForms interdependencies and SmartObject dependencies, for example:

  1. When the Form and View are edited simultaneously and an action is removed from the View, the Form will have invalid rules and will not be able to be saved.
  2. Removing controls that have rules defined from a subview will break the rules on the Parent Form.
  3. Changing or editing a SmartObject will break dependencies on Views consuming the associated SmartObject.
  4. Broken Service Instances are not handled as expected in the K2 Designer.


  • In SmartForms popups and the rendering of absolute-sized elements can be adversely affected due to zoom level settings in Firefox. Firefox inherits the zoom level from the operating system by default and in Windows 8 the default is set at 125%.
    Change the zoom-level in Firefox by pressing Ctrl + - or change Windows zoom level to 100%
  • When viewing a large list of items/controls on a grid in Internet Explorer 10, the grid jumps to the top when scrolling down.
    Use a different browser to view the grid.
See also:
KB001415 - Known issue: View and Form parameters overwriting field mappings