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How to use the K2 Product Feedback System



The Product Feedback system allows you to submit product feedback with attachments easily. You can also see all feedback requests you have submitted. This article will describe the functionality and how to use the system.

New Request

To submit a new request, enter the title and description. These are the only required fields for your feedback. You can also attach files to your feedback to better describe your feedback with screen shots, recordings, or a document.


My Requests

All feedback previously logged through the old feedback form has been imported into the new system. It is tied to the email address you use to log into the K2 Partner and Customer Portal. If you have logged feedback under a different email address, you will not see it when logged into the feedback system. You can see your requests along with their status and any comments on your request.



Product Feedback items go into the system to be reviewed and prioritized against other feature requests and development priorities. The Product Feedback system gives you visibility into your requests and where they are in the process. The statuses are:

  • Submitted – All new requests start at Submitted.
  • Review – Feature requests are reviewed by the product teams as part of the prioritization cycle. When an item is being Reviewed for possible inclusion in a ship vehicle, it will be in the Review status.
  • Planned – Once an item has resources assigned to it, it will be in the Planned status. This means that the feature is planned for release in a future ship vehicle.
  • Parked – When a feature is no longer being actively worked on, it will be parked. Parked items may be revisited at a later date to begin work again.
  • Closed – If a feature is not going to be made available in the product, it will be marked as Closed.
  • Shipped – When a feature has been released in the product, the feedback item will change to Shipped.


The settings tab allows you to decide if you want to receive email updates about your feedback. You will receive emails when the status changes on your item, or when new comments are added. By default, notifications are turned off but you can change it at any time. Notifications are for all feedback items, not single items.