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K2 connect

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The basics

The K2 connect course is designed to give participants the knowledge required to work effectively with K2 connect. K2 connect is an add-on for K2 blackpearl and is used to expose SAP BAPIs as K2 SmartObjects. At the end of this course, participants will have a solid fundamental understanding of the K2 connect product, how to configure, maintain and troubleshoot K2 connect and how to develop with K2 connect.

Who should take this course

TThe K2 Connect training course is intended for all roles that need to work with K2 connect, such as K2 administrators and infrastructure administrators, Solution architects, SAP Developers and Administrators and K2 Developers.

Note that participants should have completed the “K2 blackpearl Core” training course before starting this training course (or have equivalent experience in using K2 SmartObjects and K2 smartforms), since this course builds on the foundational knowledge of K2 gained in the Core course.

What you’ll learn

During this course, participants will learn:

  • The fundamentals of the K2 connect product
  • The architecture of the K2 connect product and how it interacts with SAP
  • How to configure, administer and troubleshoot K2 connect
  • How to develop K2 SmartObjects with K2 connect

Course Content

The course content is provided as a web site and is available from the following location: http://k2.com/training/bp4. This site contains the learning topics, videos and hands-on exercise guides.

If necessary, you can download PDF versions of the training course guide for reference or printing out. We provide separate PDF files for the student handbooks (think of these as the slide handouts) and the exercise guides (think of these as the step-by-step instructions for completing the hands-on exercises). Links to download these files are also provided in the Course Overview.

This course will take approximately 8 hours to complete (excluding breaks and depending on the additional exercises selected), and consists of three Learning Modules:

  1. 200.PVG Introduction to K2 connect:
    This learning module introduces K2 connect and describes the basic architecture used to expose SAP BAPIs as K2 SmartObjects.
  2. 300.PEK K2 connect configuration and administration:
    This learning module describes how K2 connect is installed and how K2 connect installations are configured, administered and tested.
  3. 400.WUH Developing with K2 connect:
    This learning module explains how developers use K2 connect to create K2 SmartObjects that expose SAP BAPIs.