K2 smartforms Builder

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The basics

The “K2 smartforms Builder” training course will enable participants to create K2 business applications using K2 smartforms as the user interface. During this course, participants will learn how to build user interfaces with K2 smartforms and then integrate these forms with K2 workflows and K2 SmartObjects.

Who should take this course

This training course is intended for users that will be building SmartForm-based business applications on the K2 platform without writing code. Typical roles that fit this description include:

  • Citizen developers (no-code application builders)
  • Analyst Developers
  • Developers who will extend SmartForms with custom components
  • Business analysts
  • Solution architects

Note: participants should have completed the “K2 blackpearl Core” training course before starting this training course, since this course builds on the foundational knowledge of K2 gained in the Core course.

What you’ll learn

During this course, participants will learn:

  • How to build simple and advanced SmartObjects in K2 Designer
  • How to build simple and more complex Views with different kinds of Controls
  • How to build simple and more complex Forms, including Header-Details Forms
  • Configuring simple and more complex Rules with Events, Conditions and multiple Actions
  • How to integrate Forms with Workflows
  • The architecture of SmartForms, including authentication
  • How and where to troubleshoot and debug
  • How to move applications between environments
  • Best practices and tips ts

Course Content

The course content is provided as a web site and is available from the following location: http://k2.com/training/sf1. This site contains the learning topics, videos and hands-on exercise guides.

If necessary, you can download PDF versions of the training course guide for reference or printing out. We provide separate PDF files for the student handbooks (think of these as the slide handouts) and the exercise guides (think of these as the step-by-step instructions for completing the hands-on exercises). Links to download these files are also provided in the Course Overview.

This course will take approximately 12 hours to complete (excluding breaks and depending on the additional exercises selected), and consists of two Learning Modules:

100.YYZ -K2 smartforms Fundamentals

The 100.YYZ - K2 smartforms Fundamentals training module introduces K2 smartforms and covers the fundamental components, design and use of K2 smartforms. Concepts covered in this module include:

  • Introduces K2 smartforms and covers the fundamental components, design and use of K2 smartforms
  • Building basic SmartForms applications with SmartObjects, Views, Forms
  • Integrating with workflows built in K2 Designer
200.YUL - K2 smartforms Intermediate

The 200.YUL - K2 smartforms Intermediate training module describes more advanced features, functionality and use cases of K2 smartforms, and will give participants a solid overall understanding of K2 smartforms. This module covers the following concepts:

  • Building more complex Rules, Views and Forms
  • Integrating with workflows built in K2 Studio
  • Architecture and Troubleshooting
  • Package and Deployment
  • Best practices