Referencing a Web Service in 2003 Studio to expose the various methods available in the Web Service.

Before a reference can be added, create a stub dll from the Web Service by following the steps below:

  • Create a WSDL file using the "Disco.exe" in the command line. (Can be found in the VS.NET SDK). Here you will be able to specify the proxy username and password.
  • After creating a WSDL file you will need to create a CS library file using the previously created WSDL file. This can be done by using the "WSDL.exe", which can be found in VS.NET SDK. Select the language as C# when creating the library.
  • Once the CS library file is created compile it into a dll using the "csc.exe" (Found in the .NET Framework directory).
  • In™ 2003 Studio, open the project’s properties. Click on references and add a new .NET reference. Browse to the assembly created in the previous steps.