Running process instances can be deleted using the™ 2003 Service Manager, is it possible to do this programmatically?™ 2003 Service Manager makes use of K2MNG.dll. All the functionality exposed by™ 2003 Service Manager is encapsulated in K2MNG.dll. The following code sample can be used to delete a process instance based on the folio.

// Create the K2MNG object (add reference to k2mng.dll (...\program files\\bin\k2mng.dll)
SourceCode.K2Mng.K2Manager k2m = new SourceCode.K2Mng.K2Manager();

// Login to the K2 Server (user with K2 admin rights required)
k2m.Login([K2 Server Name], 5252, [(optionally) a K2 Connection String]);

// Return all processes with specified folio parameter
SourceCode.K2Mng.ProcessInstances processCollection = k2m.GetProcessInstances(folio);

// Loop through collection, returning process ID's
foreach(SourceCode.K2Mng.ProcessInstance k2process in processCollection)
  long processID = k2process.ID;

  // Delete relevant process instance, specifying true or false to delete log entries
  bool isDeleted = k2m.DeleteProcessInstances(processID, true);