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K2.net™ 2003 License Key

This article has been archived, and/or refers to legacy products, components or features. The content in this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. Archived content is provided for reference purposes only. This content does not infer that the product, component or feature is supported, or that the product, component or feature will continue to function as described herein.

The following section will describe the available license key options for K2.net™ 2003 Server.

The K2.net™ 2003 installation procedure requires a license key which is dependent on the type of installation your organization requires.

The available installation license types are as follows:
•  Evaluation - A limited 15, 30 or 60-day evaluation installation of the product. The functionality available in K2.net™ 2003 will remain the same as for that of a production/cpu key. The evaluation key can be updated at anytime (even after the expiry date). If the evaluation period has expired, K2.net™ 2003 will suspend work until the existing key is updated with a valid one. No work/data will be lost after performing the license key upgrade.
•  Managed User License - This enables you to allocate a limited number of individual user accounts or devices per installation. K2.net™ 2003 will return the following error if the number of users has been exceeded: "The number of installed licenses for K2.net™ has been exceeded. The task item could not be allocated to the destination" - (see image below).
•  CPU License - This provides an unlimited number user accounts on the CPU where K2.net™ 2003 Server has been installed.
Visit https://portal.k2.com/licensekey/Default.aspx for online key requests.