Typically in cases where developers extend and integrate reports with custom applications they want to also make use of ViewFlow to display a graphical view of the process.

The following steps illustrate the use of K2.net 2003 ViewFlow in a custom application (Windows or Web application):
1.  Open VS.NET
2.  Click "Tools | Add/Remove Toolbox Items..."
3.  Click 'Browse ...' and browse to the following file:
<drive>:\Program Files\K2.net 2003\K2WS\Workspace\K2MIS\ViewProcessInstance.dll

4.  You’ll see that the ViewControl is now selected and will be available in your Toolbox

5.  Click 'Ok'
6.  You can now drop the ViewControl onto any form

There is however a little problem with the control. As soon as it has been populated with a view flow image, this image will remain even though you try and clear the image. The workaround is to add the ViewControl dynamically every time you want to refresh the image - but before you add the new ViewControl, dispose of the old one.

Note: Before trying to add the control, make sure your project contains a reference to the ViewProcessInstance DLL.
The included sample project makes use of K2ROM to get an XML representation of the process by calling the ViewProcessInstance method. The result is then passed to the ViewControl which will generate a graphical representation of the process. This control is exactly the same control that is used for ViewFlow in the K2.net™ 2003 Workspace.