This article will guide you through the steps required for displaying the™ 2003 Workspace in Microsoft Outlook.

In order to display the™ 2003 Workspace in Microsoft Outlook, you need to follow the steps outlined below:
1.  Create a New Folder in Microsoft Outlook.
2.  Supply a Name for your newly created folder and click "OK".
Note: It does not matter which entry you select under "Folder contains", as this will only dictate under which parent folder your new folder is stored.
3.  Right-click on the "New Folder" and select "Properties" from the context menu.
4.  Select the "Home Page" tab. Tick the "Show home page by default for this folder" checkbox and type in the URL to the desired™ 2003 Workspace.
5.  Click "OK" and select the folder in Microsoft Outlook.
6.  The™ Workspace should now load inside Microsoft Outlook.