This article describes the process of customizing the Startup page of your™ 2003 Studio. In particular, by following the steps described, you will be able to add a link to your™ 2003 Workspace inside the Start page.

Open Windows Explorer, browse to the installation folder of™ 2003 (Default Location: “<drive>:\Program Files\ 2003\Bin\StartUpPage\”). The “StartUpPage” folder contains the™ 2003 Studio Startup Page, “Startpage.html”. Open the “Startpage.html” in an HTML-compatible editor.

Note: Make a backup before editing the file.

Locate the Solution section as indicated in the image below:

Copy the table row and paste it directly underneath the existing row.

Replace the “Solutions” text with the following value:
<a href=”http://localhost/K2V3/Workspace/Workspace.aspx”>Workspace</a> New Section (highlighted)
Save the file and open™ 2003 Studio.

The Workspace link is now available in™ 2003 Studio and displays the™ 2003 Workspace in the Start Page pane when selected.