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This article explains how to prevent an activity from completing until all activity slots have been completed.

•  An activity in your process has more than one slot.
•  The line rule that follows this activity evaluates an activity data field for all slots.
•  The problem is that as soon as the first worklist item in an activity has been completed, the activity itself is deemed complete and so K2 Server starts to evaluate the line rule, even though the other worklist items had not yet been opened.
•  The following Line Rule evaluates the activity data of each slot, which is not what is required, for only one destination had an opportunity to supply activity data, leaving all other worklist items to expire before those slots could be addressed.
Refer to the zip file “KB000048 Download.zip” for an example of this process.

•  Add a succeeding rule to the activity, (Activity 1 in the attached example), to evaluate the Activity.Status for all slots, as illustrated below. Use the drop-down list provided to select K2.Activity.Status as the “First Variable”.
•  This succeeding rule will ensure that the activity is not completed until all slots of the activity event have been completed.
•  Once all slots of the activity event have been completed, the succeeding rule will evaluate to true and the process will continue with the line rule.