This article describes the updating or editing of your™ 2003 Server License key.

Request a new™ 2003 Server key from the following URL:

You need to supply the System key in order for a new™ 2003 Server key to be generated. The System key is displayed on the “ Server Properties” window as illustrated on the image below. This window is accessed via the™ 2003 Service Manager.

Once you have received the new license key, open™ 2003 Service Manager. Right-click on the™ 2003 Server and select “Properties” from the context menu.

Update the existing License key with the new license key and click on the “Update” button to save this new License key.

You have to restart the™ 2003 Server for the new License key to take effect on your™ Server.

Note: The License key value in the “License Key” textbox excludes hyphens.