This article explains how to use a custom Microsoft® SharePoint Template to create workspaces in the InfoPath and SharePoint™ 2003 Studio Templates.

You can create a SharePoint site as a template, which can then be used in the™ 2003 Studio as a template when creating a new Workspace.
1.  Create a new SharePoint site on the SharePoint web site.
2.  Select a Template to inherit from. In this example a “Document Workspace” template is used.
3.  Once the new site has been created, use “Site Settings” to customize your new site to suit your requirements.
4.  Once you have changed the site to suit your requirements, use “Site Administration” to save the site as a Template.
5.  Your site will now be available to select as a Template when using the “Create new Workspace” option in the relevant InfoPath or SharePoint Event Wizards, for example: