This error may occur in™ 2003 Workspace or when accessing a™ 2003 Smart form. 2003 Workspace is by default configured to handle all errors that occur and displays the following message in the event of an error:
“An unexpected error has occurred. Click here to refresh the Workspace. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator for assistance.”
This form of error handling however masks what the error is and makes it difficult to possibly troubleshoot the error. To disable the default method for errors handling, do the following:
1) Open the Web.config file located by default in “C:\Program Files\ 2003\K2WS\Workspace” and change the following setting:

Within the configuration file locate the following tag

<customErrors defaultRedirect="Error_Page.htm" mode="On"/>


Once you have located the tag, change the setting to the following

<customErrors defaultRedirect="Error_Page.htm" mode="Off"/>

4)Save the changes to the configuration file and then make sure you have closed Workspace
5)Reopen Workspace and from this point on, all errors will be displayed in their full context