The Workspace reports an error when a user enters the web site.

If you receive an error on the Workspace, you first need to turn off the default error handling to determine the cause of the error, to do this:
•  Find the “Web.config” file in your Worklist folder. Usually it resides in: “<drive>:\program files\ 2003\K2WS\Workspace”
•  <customErrors defaultRedirect="Error_Page.htm" mode="Off" />
•  It is case sensitive, so the Off must have a capital ‘O’
•  When you try again, the error description will appear instead of the custom error page.
If your error is a “permissions denied” error, you need to check for general permission problems on the ASPX temporary directory: (“<drive>:\windows\\framework\<framework version>\temporary\****”), however, first check the other Knowledge Base and Forum articles to determine if the cause may be related to one of the problems outlined in these articles:
•  KB000011
•  KB000019
•  KB000068

If this is not the case, then a simple test may reveal this as an IIS configuration issue. Try to create a very simple ASPX web page with nothing on it but a “Response.Write” method:





If you experience the same error when executing this code, the likelihood is that there is nothing wrong with the 2003 Workspace, just IIS. Execute the following in a command window (Start | Run | Cmd ) – you will need to be a local administrator to accomplish this:
“aspnet_regiis –I”

What this will do is install this version of ASP.NET and update scriptmaps at the IIS metabase root and all scriptmaps below the root. Existing scriptmaps of lower version are upgraded to this version.

After accomplishing this successfully, try the Workspace again.