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No image displayed after clicking the “View Flow” link from the Workspace

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After clicking the link to “View Flow” from the workspace a blank report page is displayed.

After clicking the link to “View Flow” from the Workspace a blank report page is displayed. This will occur when the Execute permissions for the K2.net Workspace application in IIS are set to “Scripts and Executables”.
To resolve the issue follow the steps below:
1) Open up the IIS Manager by clicking on Start>Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services (IIS) Server
2) Locate the “Workspace” application by expanding the tree for the local system. The Workspace application is typically found under K2V3 in the default website
3) Right click on the “Workspace” application and select “Properties”


4) On the “Virtual Directory” tab change the Execute Permissions to “Scripts Only”
5) Click “OK”


You should now be able to view the flow diagrams from the workspace. If you still receive a blank report page consider the following troubleshooting steps.
1) Restart the Site (Not the IIS Server)
2) Caching may be taking place, therefore delete all the Temporary files that the browser may be using. Close the browser and then reopen it
3) As a final step, you may consider resetting the IIS Server. This should, however only be done as a last resort