When the default size of the canvas in K2.net 2003 Studio is enlarged, the whole of a workflow may no longer be visible within the K2.net 2003 Workspace’s View Flow. This article explains how to modify the View Flow in order to set the window the same as the K2.net 2003 Studio canvas area.

The K2.net 2003 Studio canvas can be enlarged by clicking on "Tools>Options" within K2.net 2003 Studio. The View Flow, as found in the Reports section of the K2.net 2003 Workspace, does not automatically resize. This means that the whole of a workflow, developed on a larger canvas, may not visible in the View Flow.
In order to enlarge the viewable area of the View Flow, a small piece of HTML code needs to be modified. This code can be found in the "ViewFlow.aspx" page located in the "%Root%\Program Files\K2.net 2003\K2V3\Workspace\K2MIS" folder and is as follows:
<BODY language="javascript" onload="return window_onload()" bottommargin="0" topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0" scroll=no>
<FORM runat="server" ID="Form2" target="_top">
<OBJECT id="ViewFlow" height="100%" width="100%">
Change the "scroll=no" to "scroll=yes" and modify the View Flow height and width values. For example:
<OBJECT id="ViewFlow" height="7200" width="2200">
In this example, "7200" is the height set for the canvas size in K2.net 2003 Studio and "2200" is the width. By setting these values in the HTML Tag, these sizes will also be applied to the View Flow. After applying the changes, save the ViewFlow.aspx page and refresh the K2.net 2003 Workspace. The View Flow should now be the same size as the canvas size in K2.net 2003 Studio.