This article explains how to enable the trace file for K2 server

The standard method of monitoring / debugging the Server is to run it in console mode. The alternative to this method is to configure the Server to write its activity to a trace file, which is a plain text based log file.

Note: The file can be viewed at any time using a plain text editor e.g. Notepad.

Note: Since, over time the log file can increase in size and occupy storage space unnecessarily, the "Trace" feature should be used as a debugging method and then disabled when not required.

Follow the steps below to enable the "Trace" feature:
1) Open the Service Manager
2) Locate the server that you would like to enable logging on
3) Right-click on the server and select "Properties"
4) On the "Advanced" tab of the "Properties" window, enable the "Trace" check box


5) Click "OK" to save the changes
6) Right-click on the server and select "Stop" to stop the server service
7) Once the service has stopped, right-click on the server and select "Start" to restart the service
8) You will now be able to find a "K2server.log" file in the following directory on the K2 Server: "<drive letter>:\Program Files\ 2003\bin"