This article explains how to change from using the SQL user manager (SQLUM) back to using the default Active Directory User Manager (ADUM).


The following steps describe how to convert from using the SQL User Manager (SQLUM) to using Active Directory User Manager (ADUM); which for most is the default.

Configuring 2003 Server to use the Active Directory User Manager

  1. Open 2003 Service Manager
  2. Expand the directory tree until the Server level is reached
  3. Right click on the Server and select properties
  4. On the User Manager tab make the following changes to configure the 2003 Server for Active Directory and click OK
Settings Required







Note:  If you are unable to access the properties of the server through service manager, the changes can also be made to the K2 transaction database in the "_Setting table". This method is not recommended and if followed ensure that best practices are followed to ensure that the database integrity is ensured.
Uninstall SQL User Manager
  1. Click on "Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs"
  1. Select 2003 SQL User Manager and click Change
  2. Follow the wizard to uninstall the SQL User Manager
  3. Restart the 2003 Server service
Note: Uninstalling the SQL user manager will reset Workspace and 2003 Studio to use Active Directory.
Configure 2003 Service Manager
The following steps need to be completed to configure the 2003 Service Manager to connect with Active Directory credentials.
  1. Open 2003 Service Manager
  2. Drill down to the server level
  3. You may receive the following error when trying to connect to the Server; this is because Service Manager is still configured to use External Authentication.
4.  To correct this error Right click on the server name in Service Manager and select Edit Server Registration Properties
5.  Change the Connection Settings from External to Windows Authentication and click OK
6.  The connection to the Server with Service Manager is now restored