In K2 blackpearl with Service Pack 1, escalations based on a working hour zone is limited to the zone configured for the activity. If destination users do not reside in the same working hours zone as the one configured for the activity, they may receive escalations outside of their normal working hours.

About Working Hours

In K2 blackpearl with Service Pack 1, multiple working hours zones can be configured. One zone is typically set as the default zone but configuring a default is not a requirement.

When configuring an activity escalation based on a working hours zone, the escalation will happen based on the zone specified. If there is no zone specified, the escalation will happen in the default zone. If there is no default zone or no zone specified, escalations happen based on the server's time zone.

Note: Zones are located in the Context Browser under Workflow Management Server > Zones. You must create the zones in the K2 Workspace before you can use them in an activity escalation.

On a client event Email escalation, all users in the destination set will receive an email at the same time regardless of what working hours zone the user is in. It is based on the zone configured (or not) in the escalation page of the wizard.

Note: This describes the behavior or K2 blackpearl with Service Pack 1. There are many scenarios where a more flexible design would allow multiple users in different working hours zones to receive escalation notifications during their working hours. A post-SP1 release will introduce this functionality.

In a typical escalation, the server will count until working hours are expired and then resume counting when working hours begin again. For example, if it is currently 4pm (16:00), and the activity has a six hour escalation, if the working hours end at 5pm (17:00) and begin at 8am tomorrow, the escalation will happen at 1pm tomorrow.