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In certain instances the dropdown list box options on K2 Designer screens, such as the Add New Field screen, are displayed behind the main window. The dropdown list is unable to be displayed correctly and the user will have difficulty in selecting a value. In some instances the number of options in the dropdown list box will be enough to see some of the options (as shown in Figure 1). However, in most cases the user will not see any options and the dropdown list box will appear to not be functioning at all.

[Figure 1. Dropdown List Box Display Issue]

Reason for the error

This problem occurs because the Win32k.sys driver displays the order of layered windows incorrectly. Microsoft has confirmed the issue with the Win32k.sys driver and created a hotfix (details below).

Error Resolution

The error can be resolved by installing the "Overlapping layered windows are not displayed in the correct order in Windows Server 2003 or in Windows XP" hotfix available from Microsoft: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943326.

Please contact Microsoft directly for any issues/concerns with this hotfix.


There are a few workarounds available if the hotfix cannot be installed immediately.
  • Log off and log back onto the operating system. Logging off/on will temporarily resolve the issue by resetting the layered windows count. However logging off/on will likely be required again when while working as the layered windows count will continue to climb.
  • Use the keyboard Tab key to ensure focus is set on the dropdown list box and they use the keyboard Up/Down arrows to cycle through the drop down list box options.