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An error occurs during a K2 Server Farm configuration of K2 blackpearl 0803 when the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) for the server farm does not include the FQDN of the domain.

This article will describe the error involved, and how to resolve the issue.

Domain Name Part of Configuration Manager Validation

The FQDN of a server farm usually also contains the FQDN of the domain name. For example, a server farm that is configured as k2server.k2workflow.com exists within the k2workflow.com domain. In situations where the FQDN of the server farm does not contain the FQDN of the domain, the K2 Configuration Manager’s validation of the FQDN will fail and the “Next” button will remain disabled.

For example, if the server farm is configured using Mango03.test.sourcecode.net but the domain is mydna.msds.sourcecode.net, the K2 Configuration Manager will not validate the FQDN of the server farm

Error Message

The following error message relates to this KB Article:
  • The “Next” button is disabled within the Configuration Manager


  1. Install a standalone server first entering all values as expected for K2 Workspace and the SMTP server.
  2. Update the following fields in the HostServer DB:

    [LBHOSTSERVERNAME]Mango03.test.sourcecode.net [this is an example]
  3. Re-run the configuration manager on node 1, select “K2 Server Farm” and “Reconfigure existing server on Farm” and leave the rest as default.
  4. Install the second node by selecting “Add K2 Server to existing Farm” and the rest as default.