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K2 Web Designer Fails to Display

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The K2 blackpearl components for SharePoint 2007 (build 803) include several different features, in addition to the worklist web part. One of those features is the K2 Web Designer, which allows you to develop and deploy workflows directly in SharePoint.

Following an installation of K2 blackpearl build 0803 where the K2 components for SharePoint 2007 are included, it may be necessary to manually activate the K2 for SharePoint features to the site collection where they need to be available. Occasionally the K2 Web Designer will activate successfully and will show up on the list of available library settings, but when accessed only a blank page is displayed.


The scenario in this article may occur in an environment with the following components:
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007
  • K2 blackpearl components for SharePoint 803
  • Site collection in SharePoint with the K2 Web Designer activated
  • Document library within the site collection


Occasionally, during activation of the K2 Web Designer, the web application fails to get created in IIS.


The K2 Web Designer was successfully installed and activated on the MOSS server. It appears under the Settings menu of document libraries on the SharePoint site in question. When you attempt to use the web designer, however, a blank page is rendered.

If you look in IIS, in the _layouts virtual site of your SharePoint site, you will see a WebWorkflow folder. This folder is supposed to be a web application (represented by a gear icon). However, for unknown reasons, the directory and files were created, but the web application was not.

Error Resolution

It is necessary to manually create the web application within IIS for Web Workflow to work correctly. To resolve:
  1. Open IIS Management Console
  2. Expand the SharePoint site that is supposed to have the feature activated
  3. Expand _layouts
  4. Locate the WebWorkflow folder
  5. Right-click the WebWorkflow folder, and select Properties
  6. On the Virtual Directory tab, under Application Settings, click Create
  7. Under Application Pool, select the Application Pool under which this site is supposed to be running
  8. Apply the settings
  9. Reset IIS
  10. In SharePoint Central Admin, deactivate the K2 Web Designer on the site in question
  11. In SharePoint Central Admin, reactivate the K2 Web Designer on the site in question
  12. Go to a document library in the site in question, click Settings, and select K2 Web Designer