When naming K2 artifacts, such as processes, roles, reports, SmartObject system names and custom user managers, certain characters are not allowed. These special characters may be in use by the K2 server, by the underlying technology platform, or are simply not allowed because they may cause unforeseen problems.

SmartObject system names can only include the underscore ("_") character. Characters for SmartObject display names, including the name of the SmartObject and property, parameter and method names, are limited by the designer.

The Full List of Special Characters

The following list includes characters that may not be allowed when naming K2 artifacts. Some characters only apply to Chinese language systems and may not display properly if the corresponding font is not installed on your computer.

Special Characters

  • &!@#$%^&*()+=-[]\\\';,./{}|\":<>?_~
  • ≈≠=≤≥≤<>≮≯∷±+-×÷∫∮∝∧∨∑∏∪∩∈∵∴⊥∥∠⌒⊙≌∽√
  • ┼┽┾┿╀╁╂╃┬┭┮┯┰┰┱┱┲┳├┝┞┟┠┡┢┣┍┎┏┐┑┒┓┒─┄
  • §№☆★○●◎◇◆□℃‰€■△▲※→←↑↓〓¤°#&@\︿_ ̄―♂♀
  • 〖〗【】[]{}《》「」『』々‖…—•ˉ〃
  • ㄅㄉˇˋㄓˊˊ˙˙ㄚㄞㄢㄆㄊㄍㄐㄔㄗㄧㄛㄟㄣㄇㄋㄎㄑㄕㄘㄨㄜㄠㄈㄌㄏㄒㄖㄙㄩㄝㄡㄥ
The error message displayed when these characters are used when naming a K2 artifact may only include the following characters: _ - : \\ . & $ # @