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There are two known issues affecting the installation of KB000330 - K2 blackpearl 0807 Update (4.8210.2.330), as detailed below:

Issue 1: Configuration Manager Error

Upgrading K2 blackpearl 0807 (4.8210.1.0) to KB000320, and then applying KB000330 will cause the Configuration Manager to fail.

The installation log shows the following error:

MSI (s) (88:D0) [16:13:07:515]: Product: K2 blackpearl Configuration 0807 (4.8210.1.0) -- Error 2715.The specified File key (’sourcecode.install.common.dl2’) not found in the File table.

Error 2715.The specified File key (’sourcecode.install.common.dl2’) not found in the File table.

Error Workaround

To manually run the Update Configuration Manager, perform the following steps:
  1. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the patch folder
  2. Open the following folder: ..\Updates\Ver 1.x
  3. Open a command prompt window
  4. From Explorer, drag the file “K2 blackpearl Configuration 0807 Update (4.8210.2.330).msp” into the command prompt window
  5. At the command prompt, at the end of the file name, add the following arguments: “/q /lv patch.log” (see screenshot below):

    In effect, you are running the following command:

    "K2 blackpearl Configuration 0807 Update (4.8210.2.330).msp" /q /lv patch.log
  6. Run the command (press Enter)
  7. Wait a minute or two and then check the installation state by opening Add/Remove Programs

Issue 2: K2 for SharePoint on a 64-Bit Environment

Upgrading a K2 for SharePoint ( MOSS or WSS ) on a 64-Bit environment to KB000330 will cause an error during setup.

Error Resolution

This issue will be resolved in a future update. When it is resolved, this section will be updated to include the update installation needed to resolve the issue.