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After installing K2 blackpearl 0807 Update (4.8210.2.370) and utilizing the Role Caching capabilities, a performance related issue may occur when multiple threads attempt to resolve a role that has been marked as cacheable simultaneously.

Error Message

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Issue Workaround

When enabling a role or roles as “cacheable,” the possibility exists that multiple threads will attempt to resolve a role at the same time. When this takes place, a memory leak will occur as all the threads resolve the role and attempt to cache it into the database. This action results in a performance issue and the possibility of incorrect data.

The above will occur only when a role’s caching period has expired and the polling interval has not occurred yet, or while a role is being cached and a user(s) open their worklists.

As a workaround:
  • Either refrain from enabling the role as cacheable, or only enable roles as cacheable that are static i.e. the members who belong to the role rarely changes
  • Make the “Polling” interval shorter and the Role interval longer. For example set the Polling interval to every 5 minutes (300) and Role interval to every 5 hours (1800)
Note: Time intervals are in seconds.

Error Resolution

This issue will be resolved in a future Hotfix.