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An exception occurs when completing an asynchronous server event by calling the Update or Finish method from an external application.

Error Scenario Steps

Note: The steps below describe one scenario under which this error may occur. The steps below are simplified and not all the steps will be shown or described.
  1. Create a process containing a server event with the following line:
    K2.Synchronous = false;
  2. Deploy the process to the K2 server
  3. Create a new Windows application that executes an update on the server event of the deployed process. For example:
    SourceCode.Workflow.Client.Connection conn = new SourceCode.Workflow.Client.Connection();
  4. Find the serial number of the Server Item by looking in the database K2Server.._ServerList and use "ProcInstID_ActiInstDestID" e.g. "28_8"
  5. Run the application and the error will display in the K2 Server console window.

Error Messages

26033 Worklist item Not Open for K2:Demo\UserA

Error Resolution