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The Activity Level Datafields that are shared, will revert to their default values after a client event was instantiated.

Error Scenario

For this scenario, a default activity has a number of server events that precede a client event in the order of instantiation and execution. When the server event executes, the shared and non shared datafields change value as expected. However, as soon as the client event has instantiated, the shared datafield(s) i.e. Val2 reverts to its default value; the value prior to the execution of the initial server event.

In the example below, a default activity has a number of server events that precede the client event.
  1. The default activity executes the first and second server events as expected

    Reporting from the K2 Server Console can be used to verify this.

  2. The client event is then instantiated and creates a worklist item. When the datafields are then viewed, via the K2 Worklist it shows that the shared field(s), i.e. Val2 has returned to its default value.

Error Resolution

This Hotfix is contained within the latest K2 blackpearl 0807 Update. Install the update package to resolve the error.

The latest K2 blackpearl 0807 Update is available as an independent installation package which can be found here: https://portal.k2.com/downloads/bp/default.aspx