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When multiple users open connections that use the Impersonate method on a K2 Connection, the execution times increase with every new concurrent connection.

Error Scenario Steps

Note: The steps below describe one scenario under which this error may occur. They are simplified and not all steps are shown or described.
  1. Create a single K2 Process with one client event, targeted at a Windows Active Directory group with 9999 users, followed by a single empty server event – code event
  2. Deploy the process
  3. Start the process to create one instance that creates a worklist item for 9999 test users
  4. Create a unit test to open connections to the workflow server under the thread context of the domain administrator account and also using the same user’s login details in the connection string using the following details
    1. Generate a random number between 1 and 9999 to append to the user name “TestUser” to create the name of the user to impersonate. Retain this number for future reference
    2. Impersonate the user on the K2 server connection, and then save the Connection.User.Name property value for future reference
    3. Open the worklist for the impersonated user, and check for the presence of the worklist item. Assuming an item is found, check the value of WorklistItem.AllocatedUser and again save that for future reference
    4. Revert the impersonation and close the connection
  5. Run a test with the following step user load:
    1. 100 initial users
    2. 10 second step duration
    3. 10 users per step
    4. Users added every 9 seconds during the step
    5. 2000 maximum users
  6. Track the execution times

Error Messages

The following error message relates to this issue:
  • No error message.

Error Resolution

This Hotfix is contained within the latest K2 blackpearl 0807 Update. Install the update package to resolve the error.

The latest K2 blackpearl 0807 Update is available as an independent installation package which can be found here: https://portal.k2.com/downloads/bp/default.aspx