Existing users of K2 connect for SAP may want to extend the capabilities of their environment by clustering the K2 connect servers. Since this functionality is not fully supported in the current release, a workaround has been devised to facilitate this.

Infrastructure Requirements

The document is a differential document, which means that it only provides relevant information for the specific task of setting up the NLB cluster. The document presupposes the following:
  1. An existing K2 blackpearl environment, complete with K2 Servers and a SQL Server
  2. The environment must be configured and functional
  3. The individual installing K2 connect for SAP, must have a working knowledge of K2 blackpearl components. If they have installed K2 connect for SAP in a standalone configuration previously, this would be an advantage

Licensing and Installation

All machines used as a K2 connect for SAP Server, require a license. Client or Service Object Designer machines, will install the server components but will not require a license.

The installation procedures include manual steps and a number of preconfiguration requirements. These steps must be followed in the order provided for the best outcome. The installer must also not use this document as a replacement for the existing K2 blackpearl and K2 connect for SAP documentation. This document is additional information.

All and any prerequisites and configuration steps discussed in the above mentioned documentation must be performed before installing K2 connect for SAP and clustering multiple servers.