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Hardware Virtualization Support Policy



Hardware virtualization software allows you to run multiple operating system instances at the same time on the same physical hardware. This KB describes the SourceCode support policy for K2 software running on hardware virtualization software.


The virtualized machine that K2 software will be running on, must meet the same hardware and software pre-requisites as physical, non-virtualized environments.

Except as described in this article, SourceCode does not explicitly test or support K2 software running on specific hardware virtualization technologies or software, for either on-premise or online deployments. If you have Technical Support and Maintenance services from SourceCode, SourceCode will investigate potential issues with K2 software running on hardware virtualization software, for example Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure Persistent VM, Amazon EC2 and VMware, provided technical requirements for the virtualization environment are met. SourceCode may require that customers replicate the issue on a physical machine to proceed with the investigation. This request to replicate issues on alternative physical hardware is used to verify that the problem exists in the SourceCode software independent of the underlying platform. Where it is determined that the issue is not related to hardware virtualization software, K2 software will be supported in a manner that is consistent with support provided when the software is on physical hardware.