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An error will occur if the HostServerlogging.config file was modified on or after the 1 August 2009 and then a K2 blackpearl Update KB000450 upgrade was applied to the system. The outcome is that the error message that corresponds with the MsgID cannot be found, which is due to the K2 Installation Manager not replacing the configuration file during the upgrade process.

The error message can be viewed when K2 Server is run in console mode or the server is configured to write to a log file; which would depend on your error logging settings.

Error Messages

In the console the error will display in the following format: 'Error  {Error Number}  Logging {Component} Error, MsgID={Error Number} (Message Not Found). Below is an example of such an error.

Error Resolution

Replace the HostServerlogging.config in your environment with the new HostServerlogging.config that can be downloaded from

The download contains installation instructions.

WARNING: Installing the new HostServerlogging.config will overwrite all custom changes made to the original file