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Group name containing an apostrophe (') causes SQL Queries to break and runs up the memory usage on the server.
This error will occur in the following conditions:
  1. a username in AD (Active Directory) with an apostrophe
  2. or a group name with an apostrophe
  3. or a username within a Group where the Group name contains an apostrophe

Error Scenario Steps

Note: The steps below describe scenarios under which these errors may occur. These steps are simplified and not all steps are shown or described.
  1. Use an AD (Active Directory) group or user that contains an apostrophe (‘) as a destination for a Client Event
  2. Open K2 Worklist, and Action the abovementioned Client Event. The error will occur

Error Message

24129 A database error occurred : Incorrect syntax near 's'. The label 'K2' has already been declared. Label names must be unique within a query batch or stored procedure. The label 'K2' has already been declared.

Error Resolution

This Hotfix is contained within the latest K2 blackpearl Update. Install the update package to resolve the error.
The latest K2 blackpearl Update is available as an independent installation package which can be found here: http://portal.k2.com/downloads/bp/default.aspx