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Code Fix: K2 connect for SAP cannot impersonate the User

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K2 connect for SAP utilizes a K2 blackpearl centric SSO (Single Sign On) Authentication method, and with the introduction of this hotfix static credentials will be supported as well.
Currently the K2 connect SmartObject Service is unable to use preconfigured credentials (i.e. static credentials) configured on the service instance.

Error Scenario

An existing system or a newly installed one may require that the credentials of the Service Instance be passed. One of two outcomes may occur:

  1. If credentials have already been cached the service broker will ignore the credentials of the Service Instance and pass the credentials of the Logged in User from the credentials cache
  2. If no credentials have been cached, then an authentication exception is thrown

Error Resolution

  1. Install the Hotfix, and restart the K2 Server
  2. Open K2 Workspace
  3. Browse to K2 Management Console > K2 [Server Name] > Services > K2 connect for SAP
  4. Locate the registered K2 connect Service Instance, select it and click Edit
  5. Enter the Security Provider, Username, Password, Extra Data (which must be the same value as Security Provider)and enable Impersonate
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Ok
Once the above changes have been made, restart K2 blackpearl Server. This is especially required if a SAP SmartObject was executed prior to making the change to refresh the Service

This Hotfix is contained within the lastest K2 connect for SAP Update. The latest K2 connect for SAP Update is available as an independant installation package which can be found here: http://portal.k2.com/downloads/k2connect/default.aspx