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When deleting process instances without deleting the logging data in K2 Management Console, certain K2 Out-of-the-box reports do not display the deleted process instances. This Hotfix adds a configuration node to the K2 Workspace OOBReports.xml file to allow the deleted process instances to be shown by default.

The OOBReports.xml file is located at [InstallDir]\workspace\site. Changing the IncludeDeletedStatus setting in the OOBReports.xml to “False” will hide the deleted process instance data across all of the out-of-the-box reports. This change applies to the following Reports:

  1. Activity Statistics
  2. Activity Statistics Graph
  3. Process Overview
  4. Process Instances
  5. Process Statistics
  6. User Performance
  7. User Performance Graph

The following is an example of the default XML that can be configured to customize the IncludeDeletedStatus value to “False”:




Error Scenario


Note: The circumstances described in this article are one scenario under which this issue may, or is known to occur. The description is intended to be specific to the scenario described and does not take into account all possible scenarios or circumstances.

  1. Create a number of new process instances that contain a client event in K2 Management Console.
  2. View the Process Overview Report and confirm that the instances appear on the report.
  3. In K2 Management Console delete a few of the process instances, but do not select the option to “Delete Log Entries?”
  4. Open the Process Overview Report to confirm that the deleted process instances displays as Deleted. Notice that the deleted process instances do not display on the report.

Error Message

There is no error message; the out-of-the-box reports do not display the deleted process instances.

Error Resolution

This Hotfix is contained within the latest K2 blackpearl 0807 Update. Install the update package to resolve the error.

The latest K2 blackpearl 0807 Update is available as an independent installation package which can be found here: http:// portal.k2.com /downloads/bp/default.aspx