The K2 blackpearl web part task list does not allow a user to open multiple tasks. When a user opens a second task, the form opens in the window already opened for the first task. In K2 .net 2003, it would open in a new window.

To change this functionality, the following workaround can be used to open each worklist item in the K2 blackpearl web part in a separate browser window.


Important: Backup the TableFactory.js files before making modifications to them.
  1. Locate the TableFactory.js file in the following two locations:
    • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\K2\TaskList\JS
    • C:\Program Files\K2 blackpearl\WorkSpace\Site\TaskListControl\Script
  2. Right-click on the TableFactory.js files and click on Edit.
  3. Add the following code under the “Open the worklist item” comment in the "PerformAction" function.
  4. If (Target!=”_self”)
  5. After the modification, the code should look like the code section highlighted in the screen capture below:

  7. Once completed, clear the browser’s cache

How to clear the browser cache in Internet Explorer 8:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (IE8)
  2. Click on Tools, Internet Options
  3. On the General tab, under the Browsing history section, click Delete
  4. On the Delete Browsing History screen, click on Delete again. 
  5. Note: These steps need to be performed on all browsers that have previously viewed the worklist.