This article refers to legacy products, components or features. Therefore, the content in this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. This content does not infer that the product, component or feature is supported, or that the product, component or feature will continue to function as described herein.


To move a K2 Solution from its original folder to a new folder or another development machine is problematic in previous versions of K2 blackpearl.  This is due to the references to assemblies using fully qualified file or hard coded paths in the .kprx project files of the process.  Since K2 blackpearl 0807 Beta 1, the assembly references are converted automatically using relative paths.  It does however require that the following steps need to be performed for the new assembly references to work on processes created in older versions of K2 blackpearl. 


To enable the automatic conversion of assembly references on projects created on older versions of K2 blackpearl perform the following steps:

  1. Open an older solution from a folder that matches its initial location exactly.
  2. Save the solution.
  3. The automatic conversion of assembly references will now be available on the solution.
  4. Important:The conversion to relative paths will not be successful if the root folder of the older K2 blackpearl solution was renamed before it was re-opened and rebuilt.