ERP Connect 4.10.22 was recently released and when users upgraded their installations to use the new version and also to take advantage of the THAI language support an error was encountered.

Note: K2 connect for SAP is compiled to work in conjunction with specific versions of the ERP Connect assemblies. Introducing a version of ERP Connect for which there is no support or against which the K2 connect for SAP release has not been compiled may result in errors.

Error Scenario

Important: The K2 connect for SAP version installed may only support a specific version of ERP Connect.

Existing users of K2 connect for SAP (4.10060.1.674) attempted an upgrade of their ERP Connect to take advantage of Thai Language Support. ERP Connect Version was uninstalled and then the new version i.e. ERP Connect Version was installed. No errors were encountered during the ugrade, however when the users attempted to re-establish the connection with the SAP destination, the following error was encountered. See the image below:


image 1 - ERP Connect Version Error


Error Resolution

K2 connect for SAP has been enhanced to support ERP Connect Version 4.10.22, which also includes the THAI language support.


This enhancement is available in the latest update for K2 connect for SAP.