The K2 Configuration Manager stops responding after an extended period of time and a Memory Exception is reported

Error Scenario

The K2 4.5 Installer is run and once the K2 Configuration Manager starts to run and reaches the point in the process where Folder System permissions are being configured, the application does not progress in the process and after an extended period of time, the K2 Setup Manager will report a Memory Exception.

Note: The K2 blackpearl Installer is shown below for the purposes of illustration, however this error affects the K2 blackpoint Installer as well!

Setting System permissions

Image 1 - K2 blackpeal Setup Manager

Error Messages

The resulting error is circumstance dependant, and one of the three results are known to occur and can be expected:

  1. The K2 Setup Manager makes no further progress and continues to display as shown above and no further user input is ever requested
  2. The Windows task manager notifies the user that the K2 Setup Manager is Not Responding
  3. A Memory Exception is reported by the K2 Setup Manager
  4. Note: The actual error message is dependent on the version of the Windows operating system in use and the combination of user group nesting within Active Directory.

Error Resolution

The error has been resolved. This Hotfix is contained within the latest K2 Update. Install the update package to resolve the error.