When a SmartObject is used to start a process instance and change the value of a boolean field value, the field value does not change after the workflow process instance has been started.

Error Scenario

Two data fields may be part of the same workflow, with one being a boolean field the other a string field. As part of the process, a workflow SmartObject affects the value of the two fields changing the value.
However, when the Process Overview report is used to view the results of the process only the string field value has changed and the boolean field value has not been altered.

Steps to Reproduce the error:

  1. Create a simple Workflow with a boolean and a string datafield
  2. Create SmartObject for the workflow
  3. Start the Process from SmartObject Tester
  4. Set the values of the DataFields(Boolean and String) to "false"
  5. Check the "Process Overview" report and the values of the data fields are as follows


    Before Process StartProcess Complete






Note: The default values for the fields is: True

Important: The error is known to occur when using the K2 API to perform the same steps

Error Messages

There is no specific error messages. See the behavior description as described above.

Error Resolution

The latest K2 Update is available as an independent installation package which can be found here: