KB001089 is a list of high priority issues for K2 blackpearl 4.5 and K2 blackpoint 4.5 that have now been resolved.

Issues Resolved:

  • In the K2 Designer for SharePoint, a 'Null Reference Exception' may occur when adding new users with Process Start rights.
  • In the standard Process Information report, a long process/folder name pushes the refresh button and the scrollbar off the screen.
  • An exception may occur when writing text data to the SQL server using a SmartObject that is associated with the SQL service.
  • Worklist items remain in running state after removing an AD Group.
  • Any AD group added in SharePoint Groups does not display in the K2 Object Browser - User Groups list.
  • When removing a form from an InfoPath integrated process, the form is deleted from the network location.
  • In the K2 Management Console, one could delegate a worklist item to a group, resulting in an error. This was inconsistent with K2 process logic as a worklist item should only be delegated to another user.
  • Migration related issues resolved.


Issue Resolutions

These Hotfixes are contained within the latest K2 4.5 Update. Install the update package to resolve the issues.