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When renaming or deleting a Data Field that is used in a process after an instance has been started, an error will occur when trying to use the Custom Reporting SmartObjects in the Custom Report Builder in K2 Workspace.  

Error Scenario

  1. Create a process with a Data Field.
  2. Deploy the process.
  3. Start an instance of the process.
  4. Rename or delete the Data Field.
  5. Re-deploy the process.
  6. Test the Reporting SmartObject by designing a Custom Report from K2 Workspace that includes the Reporting SmartObjects.

Error Message

An example of the error displayed is:

[Column ‘DATA FIELD_String_ProcDataField’ does not belong to table Rpt_K2WorkflowProject1_PROCESS NAME]

Error Resolution

One of the following methods can be applied in order to resolve this issue:

  • In Process Designer rename the Data Field to the original value if renamed and DEPLOY the process.
  • Or recreate the Data Field in the Process Designer if it was deleted and DEPLOY the process.
  • Alternatively you will be able to access the values of those Data Fields in the Out of the Box Reports by browsing Process Overview  -> Process Instances -> Activity Instances -> Process Instance Data