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KB001199 is a list of high priority issues for K2 blackpearl 4.5 and K2 blackpoint 4.5 that have now been resolved.

Issues Resolved:
General issues resolved:
  • When passing in an XML value into a K2 Reference Event (Code Reference Event), the XML tags were removed when passing it back into a String Datafield.
  • When sending a URL field to an InfoPath Form (URL field) using the K2 Data Event a “Server Event: Invalid cast from ‘System. String to System. Uri'” error occurs.
  • K2 security labels where hardcoded (to K2) which caused the default security label to be replaced when installing a KB update after K2 4.5.
  • An error occured when installing K2 blackpearl 4.5 without Active Directory integration. When K2 Workspace is configured to provide a login page to the user, the user could log in using the SQLUM user credentials (where it is cached on the K2 blackpearl Workspace Server) and load the K2 Worklist. If the user then changed their password they could log in on the initial screen using the new password, but an 'Authentication failed for user' error message would be displayed on the K2 Worklist page.
  • If the server that hosts SharePoint (or any other Web Service) has a firewall enabled which blocks "ping requests", then an "The remote server is not found e.g http://test is either not online or does not exist" error would occur in design time when the server performed an action where the wizard/deployment “pings” or tries to validate if a site exists.
  • An “Unable to Determine the container for the workflow user context part..” error occurred on deployment when a referenced SmartObject was used with an ActivityInstanceDestinationUser field.
  • The option to execute within a transaction has been removed from all Events, as this should only be possible with Activities.
  • The "Reference Event" wizard name changed to "Code Reference Event" .

SharePoint Integration issues resolved:

  • When using a List/Document on a User Task in a SharePoint Workflow Integration Process, if the List/Document is deleted an error occures stating that a “Value does not fall in the expected range”.
  • An error occures when editing an existing SharePoint Workflow Integration wizard and modifying the custom forms to use the Out of the Box forms. When manually starting the modified workflow in SharePoint, a "404 document not found" error will occur on the Start Page.
  • The K2 Installer was changed to run on all Web front ends before deploying solutions when upgrading K2 installations.
  • A message would be displayed that stated "All SharePoint features must be installed on all front ends before running the current action" whether multiple front ends existed or not. This has been changed to detect if the server is running in a farm before displaying new requirement message: "Install K2 on all Web front ends in the Farm".
  • A timeout occured in SharePoint when activating the K2 features.
  • In SharePoint 2010, the incorrect example path was displayed in the "Deployment Application Pool" section of the "Activate All K2 Features and K2 Configuration Settings" page in Central Admin.
  • Support was added for a Lookup column using multiple values in SharePoint 2010.
  • A "403 Forbidden" error may occur when trying to deploy a K2 for SharePoint process in SharePoint 2010. The error will occur when K2 needs to use SSL when retrieving some of the certificates.


Issue Resolutions

Install the latest K2 4.5 update to resolve the issues listed above.