If the folio property of a workflow contains the ampersand ('&') special character, an error may occur when opening the workflow task. This affects SharePoint Workflow Integration processes (as the folio property is used within the associated SharePoint task title). A “The webpage cannot be found” error occurs when attempting to open the worklist item.

Error Scenario

Note: The circumstances described in this article are one scenario under which this issue may, or is known to occur. The description is intended to be specific to the scenario described and does not take into account all possible scenarios or circumstances.

To reproduce this error:

  1. Create a SharePoint Workflow Integrated process with one client event.
  2. Create a Process datafield and give it a value of '&'.
  3. Assign this datafield to the workflow folio in the SharePoint Workflow Integration wizard.
  4. Start the process and open the workflow item.

Error Message

There is no specific error message. In a SharePoint Workflow Integrated process an error occurs when getting the listitemURL, which will cause a “The webpage cannot be found” error page while attempting to open the worklist item.


Error Resolution

This Hotfix is contained within the latest K2 Update. Install the update package to resolve the error.